Los Padres National Forest - Southern California
Los Padres National Forest
The Los Padres National Forest covers approximately 1.75 million acres of California’s scenic coastline. This national forest stretches across 220 miles from north to south and has two separate land divisions. The land divisions are the northern division and the “main division.” Within the northern division of Los Padres National Forest lies Monterey County and Northern San Luis Obispo County which includes the Big Sur Coast and scenic interior areas. The “main division” of the Los Padres National Forest includes San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Kern Counties.

Within the Los Padres National Forest there are many mountain ranges, several of them unnamed. The mountainous land extends from the California coast from Ventura to Monterey and extending inland. The elevation of the Los Padres National Forest ranges from sea level to 8,831 feet above sea level. Within the forest many threatened and endangered species live and there are a few that are dependant on this land for survival. The California condor is the most famous specie that is entirely dependant on the Los Padres National Forest for survival as well as the American Peregrine Falcon. The most common large mammal that is native to these lands is the California mule deer.

The Los Padres National Forest is also a huge resource for wildlife recreation in the Bay Area and in Southern California. People come to the forest because of its veritable terrain, vegetation and recreational settings. With over 1,257 miles of maintained trails many people come to the Los Padres National Forest for both day trips and extended backpacking excursions. Los Padres serves the populations of the San Francisco Bay Area, the greater Los Angeles metro area, the Southern San Joaquin Valley and many other communities along the south and central coast lines. Los Padres National Forest provides a scenic backdrop for several communities and also is a major component for the quality of life that exists in this area.

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